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Meet My Family

Here are the faces that will be familiar around here!


Me!- I’m Lauren, the girl behind this blog. I was born in California and raised in Georgia, so  basically I’m a wannabe southerner. I graduated from Wheaton College in 2010 and William &  Mary Law School in 2013. I live in Atlanta (where I was raised) with my wonderful husband and  new dog! In the coming years I hope to start a family and a career in health policy.




 Jason- This is my sweet husband! He’s a Yankee, but I try not to hold it against him. Jas was born in  Brooklyn and raised in Jersey. We met when we were both freshmen at Wheaton. Turns out we were  both huge Tolkien dorks and both went there to study with an amazing Tolkien scholar. We got  married right after graduation and then moved to Virginia to attend law school together. And  after that graduation we moved here to Atlanta, where we’re so excited to settle  down and start our  family. Jason has ambitions of becoming a prosecutor. Look out criminals! Don’t  let the cute face fool  you.



Cynewulf- The newest addition to the family! We rescued this little guy on June 1, 2013 and he  felt like family since day one. He’s named after the Old English poet Cynewulf (pronouned kin-  uh-wulf) that Jason and I studied in college. Told you we were dorks! If his real name is too  weird for you, he also goes by Kenny. Kenny is a 7-year-old Corgi/Chihuaha mix and he makes  our lives happier every single day.




The Kids- I have two younger siblings: my 18-year-old brother David and my 10-year-old sister  Ashely. I guess I should stop calling them kids soon because they’re not so little anymore!  Ashley just started the 5th grade and David is a freshman at Sewanee in Tennessee. We may be  very far apart in age but we’re all close and I’m so glad to live near them again.




Mom- This is my beautiful mother, Marlil! I owe all my foodie tendencies to her. She’s a  professional baker and has worked in the food industry her whole life. Like me, she’s always  looking for the next great food find!






Dad- Meet David! My awesome dad and professional photographer extraordinaire. In his free  time he loves taking photos, playing tennis, and eating my mom’s delicious food. I’m hoping  some of the artistic genes have passed down to me.





The In-Laws-These are Jason’s parents, Jim and Maria! They live in New Jersey so we don’t  get to see them as often as we want, but that makes our visits even more special. Lucky for me,  they also happen to be huge foodies.




Family is everything!