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About Me

Welcome to A Dash of Soul! My food philosophy is simple. Cook with love!

To me, cooking with love means thinking about what I eat and what I feed my loved ones. It means taking time to pick quality ingredients. It means cooking food for myself and my family that will make our lives longer, not shorter. It means choosing foods that were gathered with love, not cruelty. And, most importantly, it means making food that is exciting and DELICIOUS. To me, delicious food is truly good for the soul.







I have lived a plant-based lifestyle since early 2013. On this blog you can expect to find lots of delicious vegetarian recipes, oftentimes inspired by Southern cuisine and ingredients.


In addition to food, you’ll also find slices of my everyday life with my husband and dog. There’s lots of love going around here!

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I started this blog (formerly Lawfully Wedded Wife) in 2011 during my first year of law school. What started as an occasional hobby soon became a passion, and now I’m addicted to sharing my love of food and life with people. I can hardly put my camera down these days. I’d love you to stick around and enjoy the ride!