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What I’ve Been Doing These Past Months

We need to catch up, friends. I don’t share as much of my day-to-day as I used to! I never even told you about the triple birthday that we celebrated on the first of June!



June 1st is my brother David’s birthday AND Jason’s birthday! It’s also the day we adopted Cynewulf a year ago so it also became his birthday. Yes, I bought him a birthday outfit. In my defense, he’s a dog and will therefore never grow out of it. It will be his birthday outfit every year! We bought him a toy and wrapped it up and everything to see if he would unwrap it himself. He’s a big boy (8-years-old this year), but too trained to rip something to shreds while everyone is watching. So he sniffed it and patiently waited for Ashley to do it for him.



But once the paper was off he went for it!



We love this little guy to bits and pieces. He still struggles a lot with anxiety, and we’ve actually had to start him on medication just to keep his stress levels down enough to function. He’s made a lot of progress since we got him from the shelter though, and I have hope that he’ll eventually adjust and we’ll be able to take him off the meds. He used to be a wreck at my parent’s house but now he’s totally comfortable and well behaved there! So he had a great time at the birthday celebration there, especially when we brought out his cake!



And for the humans, a GIANT Reese’s cake!



Here are the birthday boys looking adorable! David turned 19 and Jason turned 25.



Otherwise life has been fairly boring. I spend my days tidying up the house, doing laundry, planning meals, watching YouTube, and emailing an infinite number of attorneys and law firms looking for work. It has been a LOT harder than I expected to find a job. Emphasis on A LOT. The legal market here is so saturated and I don’t feel like I’ve made progress in months. But I know that everything happens in God’s timing, and I trust that His timing is perfect. So I just keep working at it and try to enjoy my free time! Jason and I have been having a lot of fun on the weekends just discovering Atlanta (there’s so much to see and do!) and making the most of the warm weather.



This past weekend a couple of my old friends (we were all raised in Atlanta but they live in DC now) came into town! Emily is in town too (all summer) for an internship, so it was like an old fashioned girls weekend! We used to have them all the time when they all lived in DC and we were in Virginia!



That amazing view behind us is from our building’s rooftop! We’re situated in a spot that has great skyline views so I suggested that everyone come to our place to watch fireworks on the 4th. Turned out to be a great idea! We got a gorgeous sunset show, too!





We lit sparklers and enjoyed an amazing view of all the fireworks shows in the city! At one point we could see 5 shows going on at the same time!!! It was such a fun night.





I would really like to shift back into lifestyle blogging instead of just doing recipe posts, but I’m really out of the swing of it. I feel like there was a lot more reader engagement when I was sharing about my everyday life, so I’m going to give it another shot. I think I might even start doing videos again! We shall see. :)


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  • Jodi July 10, 2014, 1:25 pm

    I enjoy all your posts but I love the lifestyle ones because I can relate to you as a twenty-something charting this thing we call life. Keep up the good job!

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