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Cranberry Almond Granola


‘Tis the season for cookies and other great desserts, but sometimes it’s good to have a break and do something healthy! Sometimes. Not all the time. 😉 But today I wanted something for snacking and realized it’s been forever since I made granola!

Making granola is so easy and very worthwhile because it’s so quick to make a huge batch that you can snack on for a long time. This is also a great thing to package up and give away as Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t love granola?! To make this kind I first mix together a bunch of old fashioned oats, wheat germ, and sliced almonds.

As sweeteners I used a combination of maple-agave syrup, honey, and brown sugar. A quick toast in the oven and it gets all brown and delicious!

Then after the granola cools I put it back in the original mixing bowl and toss in some dried cranberries. Raisins work well too, but I especially like using cranberries in the winter.

This recipe is adapted from Megan’s Granola on allrecipes.com, and I made a bunch of changes to my tastes and healthy ingredient preferences.


Got 30 minutes and some oatmeal? Make some granola! Seriously, it’s so worth it.

HOLY COW, guys…I just realized that today is Wednesday and that I totally and completely forgot about What I Ate Wednesday!!! This has never happened to me! I was so busy today running around and catching up on errands after emerging from the final exams cave that I never even stopped to think about it. Alas…you should still go check out the party at Jenn’s blog to see what my fellow bloggers have been cooking up lately! And then make some granola.

Thanks for reading!



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